Choose your conservatory design


Victorian conservatory style with its classical English design is the most popular style of conservatory. Its adaptability makes it suitable for all house styles. Its distinguishing architectural feature is a bay front which gives a rounded effect. For a more classical appearance, you can add a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details.

Its beautiful segmental style will enhance any property and add a touch of splendour to your home. Usually with three facets the Victorian conservatory can also be designed with five or more facets to give a more rounded aspect.

If space is at a premium, but you would still like to have a rounded look to your conservatory, you can have a larger front facet with smaller side facets which will maximize the available floor space.

Georgian / Edwardian

The Georgian conservatory style features a flat-fronted style that provides excellent use of floor space due to the square or rectangular internal shape. The Georgian conservatory typically has on each side of the roof slopes back to the centre that gives a spectacular vaulted effect and the resulting contemporary style suits almost every property.

Your conservatory is a bright, airy and uplifting room, floods with light. This makes the Georgian conservatory a really handy shape for laying out furnishings and plants, with no waste of space.

The front triangular section above the facade frames can be used to create a very personalized look to the conservatory, either by lining up the mullions or by using a sunburst design.


A gable-fronted style of conservatory, with the same angular floor space as a Georgian, adds a sense of splendour to your home and maximise luminosity into the room. The gable fronts of the conservatory add style to your house, while the height of the conservatory gives the room a feeling of space.

A gable-end conservatory is square or rectangular in style, so it is adaptable to suit all houses. The front of the roof doesn’t slope back to the centre and the front of the conservatory stays upright, like the end of a house.

A gable-end conservatory has an excellent use of available floor space, whilst offering different roofing conservatory styles that provide additional head room.