The sophisticated solution for properties in Plymouth, Ivybridge, Exeter & Torbay

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, the slender frames on our sliding patio doors allow you to significantly brighten up any internal spaces. They also provide uninterrupted, panoramic views, perfect for anyone who takes pride in their garden. Available in either uPVC or aluminium, either option can be maintained with total ease. Fully weatherproof, secure and energy-efficient too, they also come in a variety of colours to suit the aesthetics of almost any property.

There’s nothing “off the shelf” about our sliding doors. Each one is built to order, to your exact measurements and to the design that you choose. Our doors can be built to fit any space and can have 2, 3 or 4 panes and you choose which panes you want to slide. We have a range of colour choices for your frames and a range of handle styles and finishes. With sculptured or bevelled sashes we can match your existing glazing and with optional low thresholds, we can ensure improved access. You can even use sliding doors as front entrances with an optional mid-rail and letter-plate. Our doors are suitable for all types of homes from bungalows to high-rise. We’ve designed them for ease of installation, with slim stepped frames which minimise plaster cutback, and helps installers to fit your new doors.

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