Cost effective Roof Replacement/Upgrade

With our unique products and expertise you will be surprised how easy and cost effective it is to have your existing Conservatory roof replaced.

A new high performance roof replacement can easily breathe new life into you Conservatory.

The simplest option is to replace your existing roof: This is where Conservatories tend to fail most. Old polycarbonate and clear glass roofs are generally harder to maintain, therefore more likely to leak, perform poorly and look distressed. Nearly all of our customers choose to upgrade to a specialist performance glass or tiled roof system which keeps a Conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter.

Please see below the performance specifications of the glass options below:

We can also offer some performance Heatshield or Tinted Polycarbonate products if preferred.

‘Supalite’ Tiled Roof Systems

Another alternative is to upgrade to a lightweight tiled roof system which will transform your Conservatory into an all year round living space.

Find out more about our Tiled Roof Systems