Stylish and perfectly engineered

Every home is different, but from sleek modern architecture to cosy rural retreats the PatioMaster sliding door fits perfectly. It’s because we’ve paid attention to detail, to getting the features right and to making them flexible. It’s about allowing you to choose what you want. Your choice of frame style, finish and colour. Your choice of layout, handles and security features. If you want to match your existing glazing, that’s fine. If you want something different, that’s fine too. Whatever your choice, you can be assured that the beauty you’ve picked is more than skin deep and is backed up by our brilliant engineering.

Bespoke Design

There’s nothing “off the shelf” about our sliding doors. Each one is built to order, to your exact measurements and to the design that you choose. Our doors can be built to fit any space and can have 2, 3 or 4 panes and you choose which panes you want to slide. We have a range of colour choices for your frames and a range of handle styles and finishes. With sculptured or bevelled sashes we can match your existing glazing and with optional low thresholds we can ensure improved access. You can even use sliding doors as front entrances with an optional mid-rail and letter-plate. Our doors are suitable for all types of homes from bungalows to high-rise. We’ve designed them for ease of installation, with slim stepped frames which minimise plaster cutback, and helps installers to fit your new doors.

Features & Benefits

Smooth and quiet. Robust and Secure. Easy on the eye

Even though our doors are strong, robust and secure, you won’t find them hard work. We’ve put the effort into the engineering so, for you, it’ll be a breeze. Our sliding doors are lightweight in operation, gliding smoothly and quietly on their tracks. And because our doors are so easy to open and close you’ll find yourself popping outside more and more. The secret is in the design. Our easyglide technology makes opening and closing PatioMaster doors a matter of child’s play. The PatioMaster door is designed for appearance and for function, but it’s also designed for durability. Our good looks
don’t fade, they last year after year. Our doors won’t split, crack or warp, and they’ll stand up to the worst of the weather without complaining. And PVC-U is remarkably strong and impact resistant so the kids can still play football! There’s no painting or wood preservatives required so there are no solvents or nasty chemicals involved and maintenance is as easy as a quick wipe with a soapy cloth. We guarantee our doors for ten years but we expect that you will go on enjoying them much longer than that. They are made to be easy to care for, so that you have more time to get on with the important things in life.

  • Slim stepped 86mm outer frame reduces plaster cutback and enhances visual appearance
  • Internal sliding panels for added security
  • Choice of handle colour limited to 4 options
  • White, woodgrain and colour finishes
  • Low track, low threshold system (optional)
  • Lowline gasket co-extruded to sash
  • High performance 28mm glazing as standard
  • Multi chamber sash for maximum thermal efficiency and strength
  • Six point locking system for outstanding security
  • Concealed fixings (no ugly screw heads)
  • Midrail option with letterplate for front entrances
  • Option of a shaped sash to complement sculptured window system

Features include:

  • Anti-bump lock cylinders
  • Patio interlock bolts which prevent the panels being forced apart
  • Security head rail which prevents the sliding panel being lifted off the track
  • PAS 24:2012 handle system designed to withstand sustained manual attack
  • Full height security keep rail supporting the sliding door at each corner

Energy Efficient

We all want an energy efficient home. We want to keep the warmth in and the cold out. PatioMaster doors are designed to do just that. Weather-seals that prevent drafts and leaks Thermally efficient multi chamber PVC-U frames for reduced heat transmission 28 mm double glazing as standard.

Upgrades to low emissivity glass Insulation from external noise Our doors are good for the planet in other ways too. Forget what you might think about PVC-U, it’s a surprisingly “green” building material because it’s so long lasting and because it’s recyclable up to ten times. Our doors are made from lead free materials, and because there’s no painting to worry about there’s no need to use noxious chemicals to keep them looking good. All in all, these great insulated doors are a fantastic choice for the environment, inside and outside your home.

Security Assured

Because your home is your castle, we’ve built the PatioMaster door to be strong, safe and secure. Patio doors haven’t always had a good reputation. They used to be seen as a weak spot in your home, but things have changed. Now the PatioMaster door is steel reinforced, secured with multipoint locks and has anti-jacking technology. With internal sliding panels, 28 mm glazing and extra reinforcing around the locks our doors are more resistant to intruders than ever before.

What’s more our combination of 28 mm glazing, bonded gaskets and weather-seals, and a thermally efficient three multi-chamber system means that the cold and rain can’t get into your home either. Designed for easy maintenance and long life our locking systems are designed to keep you, your family, your possessions and your home safe and sound for years to come.


It’s your home, so it’s your choice. Classic white is perfect for simple understated elegance, bold colour for when you want to make a statement or for showing your sense of style. We offer a diverse range of coloured foil finishes designed to achieve a long-lasting maintenance free and cost effective option for our patio doors. All of our foils are permanently industrially bonded to our profiles and won’t peel, flake or fade.