If your window is causing you problems in your Tavistock home, we are here to help solve this to your standard. 

Are your windows cracked? Is your glass misted? We supply window repairs in the areas of Devon, Exeter and Ivystock. With window repairs, you will be benefiting from many elements of thermal efficiency, security and appearance. 

Windows provide your home with natural light and a sense of the outside, which brings your Tavistock home together. Window repairs instead of replacement can provide a cost effective solution, not only does this help with money saving, it is an eco friendly option. These are just a few of the benefits window repairs can bring to your Tavistock home. Improved insulation is an element that will be implemented when you opt for window repair, the reach for central heating will no longer be as frequent because of the improvement in your insulation. If your windows are damaged with a leaking seal, it can bring a draft into your Tavistock home. Window repairs can solve this issue and it also helps even further with cost effectiveness, as heating in your home won’t increase your bills. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

 There are a range of factors as to why windows may not be fully functional. We can fix any aspect of your window with window repairs. This could be draft and air leaks, broken locks, stiff hinges and cracked glass. We will identify the issue and recommend the correct action to take in order to fix your problem, done in a quick and efficient way with window repairs. All windows come with a ten-year warranty in the event that something goes wrong, but we guarantee that our window repairs staff will work hard to fix your windows and leave you happy for many years to come. Get in contact with our team today to find out more about window repairs and how we could help you.


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