Window repairs can save you and your home. Our repair service can solve this problem and help you today, serving in our implemented areas of Torquay, Tavistock, Plymouth and Exeter. 

Windows are a huge part of your home, they implement natural light, insulation and help build a sense of connection with the outside world into your home. Added security is also a strong factor that plays a part in windows features. If these elements aren’t giving you the full potential, you may be looking for a window repair. Many people turn to replacing windows when there is a slight fault involved, however, window repair can save you a great deal of money and it also gives multiple benefits. Additionally, a window must be fully functional and simple to open and close in the appropriate manner without putting any physical strain on you. The solution to any troubles with windows in your home is window repair. Don’t replace, repair instead!

There are many factors that can add to windows losing its functionality. Common problems that can be repaired include draft and air leaks. This is a very common problem for homeowners, it leads to uncomfortable air space, damp temperatures and an increase in bills because of the constant need to use heating to insulate the space. Fortunately, air leaks and drafts are easily detected and fixed thanks to window repair services. Another cause for window repairs is broken or shattered glass, which not only detracts from the appearance of your house but also makes it simpler to break in. This is not something you want in your home! Worn out or faulty materials can also create a problem with your windows, it can stop them from functioning how they are supposed to which creates a strain on you. Window repairs can repair handles, hinges, locks and other hardware used to ensure the repair is done at a high standard. 

Whether it’s sealing gaps, fixing faulty seals or replacing broken glass, ADS Windows & Doors can increase safety and a new look on your home with our window repair service!

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